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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  October 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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dade city. we're going to take you inside our hair raising adventure. >> that a girl. yeah. >> good morning. welcome to good day at knight. i'm russell rhodes. i'm laura moody. thank you for joining us oh on this wednesday morning. it is 9 o'clock. >> hey dave. outside. how's it looking? nice. boy, nice, nice, nice. 73 degrees. so our 9:00 a.m. temperature about a degree or so cooler than yesterday. ti points in mid 60s. north east the 7 winds. really, this today is going to be almost a carbon copy of the way yesterday was. the sunshine, a few clouds will mix in throughout the day and high temperatures will be just a bit above normal. normal high is around 84. you see the upper 80s for just about everybody. so, again we're still about three days away from this front coming through. but boy will it feel so different come saturday morning.
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few minutes. all right. looking forward to it, thanks, dave. about to switch over to 9:01 on roadways we want to remind drivers that we still have this crash pretty major in nature causing some big delays along 75 northbound. this is the area north of i-4 where we're seeing all delays stemming from left lane is going to be bckedn that northbound direction really bad delays in that northbound direction back towards ml k. southbound you're impacted as well most delays all way back towards fletcher. but they are starting to get back beyond that. in moderate fashion. live this is the camera south of tampa executive airport. so if that illustrates an a little by the better the exact location of this crash, looks like u.s. 301 will still be your best work around. the final count down to the final debate. in about 12 hours, hillary clinton and donald trump will face off in their third and final presidential debate. it's taking place in university of nevada at las vegas. and fox news sundayhris
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tonight. new poll numbers show where the race stands right now. fox news correspondent doug luzader has latest from las vegas. this is at venue for tonight big show down and adding to the dramas fact that this race is quickly changing. a new fox news poll shows that hillary clinton has widened her lead over donald trump. she now has a 6-point margin. ooern by the standards of verying u us strip this debate may be over the top. inside the debate hall make the final preps. but what's about to happen here may be unlike anything we've ever seen. >> she's home sleeping i'm working. so that's the way it's going. that's way it's going to be in white house donald trump campaigning even on the eve of the debate in colorado. >> hillary clinton giving a quick thumbs up but otherwise out of view as she prepares for tonight. we're able to be more productive in how we prep having gone through it twice before.
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even when he's attacking her we think she shines. beyond actual issue questions, she'll have to be ready to address new allegations surrounding her email scandal secretary of state. whether there was an at the moment secret cover up deal between state department and the f.b.i. >> for trump, this may be a final chance to turn things around. and he will no doubt have to contend with allegations of a number of women who say he mistreated or even assaulted them. in the middle of it all will be the moderator. fox chrisal preparing for this debate this small staff keenly aware that this gig can a no win situation. with moderators facing intense scrutiny over their roles. >> i'm not going to potted plant if i think there's need for me to intervene i will. but i would prefer not to i did prefer to be almost invisible. and let the two of them go at it and corrupt and argue with each other. meantime both candidates continue to face major trust issues. our latest fox news poll shows
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think hillary clinton is lying about how she handled her emails and donald trump is lying about the section all misconduct allegations against him. >> in las vegas, doug luzader, fox news. before his final state dinner larry's night president obama held joint news conference with italian prime minister. of course reporter asked about the upcoming election. i have never seen in my lifetime or in history any presidential candidate trying to discredit the elections and the election process before votes have even taken place. you start whining before game's even over, if when ever things are going badly for you lose you start blaming somebody else then
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be in job. >> because there are a lot of times when things don't go our way. or my way. that's okay you fight through it. you work through it. you try to accomplish your goals. and so it continues. hillary clinton is getting some star power support in the bay area. john bon jovi will hold a get out the vote performance for the democratic nominee in tamp november 5th. specific details about the event have not yet been released. tampa fire rescue investigating mobile home fire on gunn highway. early this morning deputies got a call about an unstable person. they say when they went to check it man set his house on fire i initially said three other people were inside after search nobody was found the man's family said he lived alone. one firefighter was hurt. not seriously. charges are pending. developing this morning
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dangerous. police say that michael putnam got into a fight with a woman yesterday and ended up shooting her in the arm. >> fortunately her injuries are not serious. putnam was last seen near state road 52 and altoona avenue in hudson. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. if you see him, call 911. a woman fighting for her life after being run over hit and run driver in sarasota. lynn taylor was walking down gulf drive in sarasota last night. she was hit by a car. 61-year-old was taken to sarasota memorial. she's in critical condition. driver took off right now officials have not released a description of the driver's vehicle. if you know anything, you're asked to call police. it sounds like something right out of a nightmare. a snake pops out on a man's windshield while he's driving down the highway. fox 13's ken suarez live for news clearwater this morning. ken, this was no small snake.
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entire thing, right? >> that's exactly what he did. you have that windshield between him and potential danger. you know you know i heard about this real early. she shows video i have two thoughts that immediately come into my mind. number one, this is wacky. and number 2, better him than me. and him i'm talking about right now is guy by name of tim. he was coming home from work on monday. this thing come from under his hood and start slithering across his windshield. he pulls over shoots some video and all of sudden, it's gone. he thinks it may have crawled back into the engine where it was hiding in the first place. he thinks it may have hitch ad ride with him when he was at weeki wachee over the weekend. now we just checked in with chris work who owns a all animal control not dangerous snake a
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nothing to worry that happens pretty frequently i don't know about this size or caught on video tape this kind of thing that happens this time of year still it's really unsettling. he tells me these snakes can live for not weeks but months without food. and they can get the water from the air conditioning system. he could be in there maub he's not in there if he is in there it could months before we find out whether gone or not tim, you' know people want to follow up on this wondering going to happen to snake what is he there in first place. we're all saying thank goodness that you had this wonderful experience we safely can only watch watch it on television. back to you guys. big snake too. all right ken, thank you. 9:0 eight right now federal health officials say the zika virus has detected in a few units of blood donations in florida. but health oils say nothing to
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it was expected. one percent of puerto reto test positive for virus before they started get samples u.s. after local cases popped up here in south florida f.d.a. urged blood centers to start testing health officials have not said exactly how many units test positive for zika or where they were collected. it looks amy schumer can't stop talking about tampa. during her show last night in madison square garden she read an open letter to city. fox 13's shayla reeves is live at amalie arena this morning. some people are not happy about this d to the toin, right? >> this was certainly her reaction when this show in tampa took a little by the more of a political turn over the weekend. it was something not everyone wanted to hear. in fact some audience members left their seat during the show. as something schumer talked about while performing in new york tuesday night at madison square garden. we did obtain an excerpt of the
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take a listen. >> dearest tampa i'm sorry you didn't want me a comedian who talks about what she believes in to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. how could i think it was okay to spend 5 minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone who with duft views? >> after this show, i want you to know i will go straight to a me how to make all people happy. now we obtained permission to share that dlip with you. schumer performed at amalie arena on sunday. and a clip of that performance on youtube has been removed due to a copyright claim. but we can tell you during that performance schumer stood on stage here amalie arena.
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black shirt invited a man who described himself as tampa attorney and donald trump supporter on to the stage to talk about why he was supporting that particular candidate. well man weighed in shared his perspective returned to his seat at that point, we're told comedian continued to respond. she shared her political response to the exchange that occurred on stage. some members of the audience cheered. others booed. and some point there were people in audience who left their and did not return. we'll continue to follow throughout morning. so far we've reached out to donald trump via social media and we're continuing to monitor the feed to see if any response makes its way through during the day. so we'll keep an eye on things and keep you posted if you learn anything further, guys. back to you. all right shayla, thank you. spreading a little cheer. >> thank you. smiles just because they can. tampa florist is looking to make people's days a little brighter
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>> and are you ready to face your fears? >> no. jen and i take, we take a trip to a very scary 3 d haunted house screamageddon in dade city. i'm sorry. it's just funny. lloyd is in for charley this morning. he's in dade city getting a sneak peek at this weekend's savage race. hey sorry. it's all yours. it's a savvy this race russell i know you will out here competing savage race. right. right.
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today around the nation a lot of good will be going on... just because. it's 9:15 today around country a lot of good will be going just because. part of an event called petal it forward. jen epstein is live for news downtown tampa. i have to irj you're seeing lot smiles i thought this was just a local effort. it seems that than that. yeah. it's nationwide 230 cities across the country are participating in all 50 states. like russell mentioned petal it forward. basically what they are doing. handing out did you ways flowers all over downtown tampa. since 8 o'clock this morning. not only do you get one bouquet for yourself a second one to give out to anyone thooud like whether you sgif to a stranger on street or give to co-worker or a family, a loved one. you have choice of giving to
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spread happiness. we're seeing smiling faces all across downtown tampa along franklin street. sew is here with us this more than. thanks for coming. tell me florist that you are with >> we're with bo tan can design studio. talk to me about this effort and why you thought it we're a member american society of floor ris they created this national campaign last year. we want to be a part of it this year a way to spread happiness brighten people's day with everything going on i you know make people smile. >> sufi running around downtown handing out flowers. tell me about the reaction. it's hysterical you get everything from people saying they've never received flowers like this before, people tearing up. and then some people just thinking we were trying to sell stuff to them and walking away. but overall it has really great reaction. it has awesome how does it make you to feel giver. it's great. it's great. we get to give to people they get to pass it on give it to
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awesome day to way to start the day. >> yeah it has been great to watch you guys do this. thank you so much for doing this for the community. and i have got some very happy ladies over here. who just received flowers a couple minutes ago. they work with the county. so who are you going to give your flowers to? one of my coworkers. really sweet. how did you feel when someone walked up complete strange tore give you flowers? i felt special. yeah. >> yeah. how about you? >> i just thought it was a great act of kindness. you know t day. something beautiful. >> yeah. can't leave you out. >> >> i think she's the wild one. who are you giving your flowers too? probably someone at work. >> i'll just pass it on to someone at work and pass it forward. pay it forward. this is really great. >> yeah it insures has. its wonderful. thank you very much. >> all right. enjoy rest of your workday. >> have a great day. >> yeah you're welcome.
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here 30 minutes or so. they started off with 400 bouquets they've given away about 300. got another 100 or so to give out one is happening behind me. just spreading love and joy this morning along frank land street pretty cool to go witness i was able to give two bouquets as well as well. very nice. thank you, jen. >> great. see you later. >> all right. >> bye, guys. >> we will get over to dave right now. it looks good out it does. you know what, wait. just wait until the weekend though. it's really a whole different class then what we're dealing with. for those people that love humidity i know i'll get facebook message, dave, laif i love humidity. still around for the next two and a half, three days. still kind of warm outside. and muggy. 73 in tampa now. brandon is 73. you notice as you get into frostproof area 73 degrees. still a few spots left in the upper 60s.
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port richey we know not for long. for really many of us, we're going to get right back above normal this afternoon. not extreme. we'll get back to upper 80s for high temperatures. clouds and sunshine. continued warm again tomorrow. at 87 degrees. and i think even going into friday it's going to continue to be warm. but, hey look at this, we're still talking tropics. we're still talking hurricane season. there's an 80 percent chance that this whatever this becomes whether it become or develop call develops over next five days. you see shaded area. that's going to the general direction moving toward the northwest. so this is obviously not going to be an impact for us. really for a couple of reasons. number one, we got a cold front coming in. and that cold front is going to handle whatever this tropical system is. it's going to start to push it.
9:20 am
friday for a brief period of time that will tend to act to even sheer the storm out a little bit. so while i don't think this is going to be a huge deal, parts of new england may see some of that low kind of merge with the front over the weekend. have to deal with that. you can see that line. there's your cold front. as that comes through, that will tend to push that off toward the east. that's why we're not overly concerned aboutha stont tonight mostly clear skies to be honest you way from likely get back into 60s for overnight lows for tomorrow back to about 87 degrees. boater more of moderate chop. not this morning but this afternoon. relatively quiet out there in the coastal waters this morning. your next 7 days, rain chances slim to none. we've got dryer air coming in breezy northwest winds over
9:21 am
saturday and sunday, 78, 79 degrees and lows for most of away from the water will be in the 50s come sunday morning vanessa. that will be nice. i know. all right thanks, dave. >> and we do have clear lanes finally travel lanes i should add here along 75. northbound that fire truck is gone. something on your side of road southbound we still have the scene here looks like semitruck and a vehicle couple vehicles involved on the left shoulder. delays however waiting for those to get back down to normal levels looks like pretty similar from the last time i showed you. even though we have clear travel lanes i'm not sure you're quite clear to go through this area. 301 still pretty good here. that's excellent news. we'll let you know once we get even better travel times and speeds through the area. here's a new crash we're seeing. reported in pinellas. u.s. 19 at bellair road. lots of southbound delay going on here. lane blocks are reported. might want to consider keen or belcher if you have to head in
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all right. vanessa, thank you. a last ditch effort to keep bill cosby out of court. his legal team's unique plan to have sexual assault charges against the comedian thrown out. and fox 13 lloyd sowers is in for charley this morning in dade city. checking out what's in store for
9:23 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing.
9:24 am
ed-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you. good dy tampa bay i'm lloyd sowers in for charley belcher little everglades rambling dade city just to set the stage for this weekend's big savage race. there is a big quarter pipe into
9:25 am
thing? >> twin peaks over there. and then over here, is the barn door, right? this obstacle is barn door. and this is ashley hughes. you've done this before, right? >> yes. this is going to moob my second savage race been a couple years some obstacles like twin peaks are getting pretty hard. you did one in claremont. >> yes. they moved it over to here to pasco county to little everglades ranch go go go people to do this. 25 obstaclesics miles a lot people who really like to run in the mud. and jump over things. you might get dirty and you will get a really good work out. let's do the barn door here. show me how it's done. we'll do it one leg at a time. >> that's only way to do it. a little wobbly. all right. i'm just going to watch you for a second. go up and over. wait for you up here. you're going to wait for me up
9:26 am
you might be waiting for around while. because all right. all right. >> and then over. over and back down. now if we were really racing we would doing this about ten times faster. but i don't want to go down on live tv. i just don't want to okay. >> see, great job. see you can do this come join us on saturday. that's one of like how many obstacles? 25. there are 25 obstacles that we're looking forward to overcoming like your work out. you live on a ranch you like the work out that kind of keeps you outdoors and keeps obstacles keeps it more interesting if you're just running. absolutely great thing about training for something like this you're using all of your muscle groups upper body lower body back arms legs training for something like you do everything from throwing hay bales and walking lungs and running. training that they do, these days where they do different things. sort of like working on a farm.
9:27 am
flipping tires. >> so yeah definitely takes a lot of effort. one of reasons why we're here talking about lean beef. we will out here this weekend wp catle women down by fountain if anybody coming to watch you will have samples down here. yeah. and of the beef dishes you lost 40 pounds over the course of a year and a half >> yeah. lean beef, work outs like this. get one more over. you and i. let's do it. let's do it before you toss it back to russell. because, just in see. one more opportunity to the wipe out on live television. you have to do what you have to do. >> exactly. >> this is a great obstacle though. it, anybody can do it. you just got to get a little practice. but nice little work out. nice warm up for the day. and we're going to go ahead and make you an honorary team beef member. team beef, baby. we all heart beef. team beef all the way. all right.
9:28 am
you like you want one of these? i can get you one. i could use one. you know what, you know what, lloyd, what? i'm old enough around here to remember let lloyd do it. [ laughter ] i was much, i was much younger and dumber at this time i would do all kinds of stuff. we both were. he shot some of those jason shot those. let county we went bull riding. we will won't doing that today. this was nothing for you. this is nothing. i know. it's good to have you with us this morning my friend i love you. talk later. good to be here. okay love you. coming up at 9:30. more drama for comedian bill
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this is good day tampa bay. welcome back it's 9:30 now looking some stories that are topping headlines right now. more drama drama for comedian bill cosby prosecutor accusing his legal team of stretching the kroout cosby team trying to is sexual assault case against him thrown oh they argue he can not recognize his him because he's blind. prosecutors say claim is ridiculous and cass bow used his fame and fortune to conceal crimes for years. and november 1st hearing could determine if the case moves forward and if more accusers testify. >> a judge sentenced to kansas man to 15 months in prison after he helped a would be terrorist plan plan a bomb alexander blair was sentenced yesterday he loaned $100 to store an
9:32 am
built by f.b.i. informants. they were planning to plant the bomb at army post in support of isis. blair plead guilty to conspiracy charge. 66 million people will get an increase in their social security checks next year. don't get excited. not that much. the increase a meager 0.3 percent. how much is that? >> about $3.92 a month. some are blaming small jump on drop in oil and gas prices. but many on social security are worried because of healthcare costs. fifth year in row that older americans will have to settle for historically low raises. >> we reported earlier in morning there were no raises last year. so this is actually an improvement. >> yeah. not a lot. not a lot. hey dave. >> who needs a raise when they get to work with you guys? >> that's right. >> well. there's that and live in florida. >> and live in florida.
9:33 am
russell has raise this year will go to us. he said he was going do that for us real nice. appreciate that feather degrees current temperature outside. i heard a little snicker in there. and our temperatures yeah beginning warm up now as we're all back in the 70s. just for the most part. and yesterday we made it to upper 80s. so again, it's one of those deals where we're going to be above normal temperature wise for at least the next two days. maybe three. but then everything is going to change starting on f morning. in the panhandle. and eventually saturday morning here. look at the 80s already from vero to miami. and down through key west. okay. these are your dew points. again what that measures is the amount of surface moisture. given to you in a number. >> the higher the number the muggier it is. summertime dew points the oppressive ups are in the 70s. moderate humidity kind of where we are now mid 60s. so watch what happens as this front approaches the state. i'm going to put all of this into motion for you as you see
9:34 am
number drop to 59 in pensacola. by friday morning really close to this time, you're going to see a marked difference with humidity beginning to work its way down. it all works toward the south and east. now past several fronts, that's what's happened. but this time, watch the dryer air go south. and you wake up saturday morning to a whole different atmosphere in the tampa area you've got dew points in 40s and 50s. so very comfortable there. and literally for our state going to be a little bit longer for that for tampa area because obviously it will impact pensacola first. point is, is that while we have the moderate humidity and warmth for next couple of days, it's going to feel lot different by saturday morning. 87 degrees for a high temperature today. tonight, 70 for the overnight low. tomorrow also going to be back to upper 80s. i'm thinking that this front does come through mostly dry on friday night. okay. maybe a sprinkle or two no big
9:35 am
for saturday and sunday. with highs upper 70s, back to lower 80s monday and tuesday. so even though morning low upper 50s to lower 60s. so honestly just nice stuff. we do have one first birthday for you on this wednesday. it's destiny turning one today. she loves to watch the disney channel and florida state seminoles. she also loves to play with her dog and she loves to sing. we wish you a very birthday destiny. what cutie. hope you're enjoying your birthday today december knee. right now we want to switch gears get get to roadways we're not enjoying this still waiting for delays to clear after the lanes cleared along 75 northbound. in the area north of i-4. so here's where we're staying as far as travel times through that area. southbound hit with the lesser delays. because we didn't have in blockage here. bruce b. downs to i-4 taking 16 minutes. a little bit above what we're
9:36 am
we're very much in the red here still. 75 northbound, selman to fowler taking 30 minutes weigh that into account if you're worst going over to 30 one. 30 one looks pretty clear, just so you know. bad news for a fwuks con injury be end of his career as back near. lightning honor former captain a look team tribute to vinnie coming up after break. look for hall reason treats
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of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. and once you get a taste for the new, chances are you won't stop there. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. to toronto the a-l-c-s. the game was scoreless going toronto indians looking to weep alcs game as scoreless going go third josh donaldson hit solo homer to put blue jays up in one. indians would cut blue jays lead two to 1 fielding error by indians led to a bases loaded situation for the jays. they go up 4 to 1 toronto stay oos live they are down three games to 1 in this series.
9:40 am
pitching was lights out. at least ray hill struck out six in sticks strong inning with that unbelievable curve ball. look at that. in the 8 after detect detecter fowler double dave roberts bring in kennel jansen for four out save. jan he gets to line out. to justin turner. ending the game. there it is right there dodge are dodger two games away bad news to tell you for our bucs. wide receiver vincent jackson nice guy most likely out for the rest of the season. with what could be they are saying a career ending injury. suffered a knee injury during week 5's game against panthers. and has put on injured reserve jackson says he does not know when exactly injury occurred but an mr i revealed injury to acl
9:41 am
his contract with buccaneers. boy i hope he's okay. i like him a lot i did do too. dramatic way for tampa bay lightning last night bolts were down early before alex squeezed one through to tie things up 1-1. game tied 3, 3 with 5.5 seconds on the clock. that's stamkos did. how about braden point gets the first shoot out ever his first shot he sinks it they win. they are 3 and straight year. i didn't realize they were 3 and 0 for four straight years in row. great start. great. they host the avalanche tomorrow night. amalie arena. before the game they honor former bolt a kormer captain man who helped lead them to stanley cup win. >> vinnie, vinnie remains lightning career leader in goals and total games played. he was here for 14 seasons. retired last season after playing with flyers and kings lightning organization honor vinnie by airing some best
9:42 am
dropped ceremonial puck. another very nice guy. let me tell you i had the opportunity to meet him last year. >> yeah. it was just a chance coincidence. was raining out. that's right. that's right. my family was there his family was there at the rays game all getting are'd to leave one of my i came back he bought me an - umbrella. now that is just a nice. didn't even know me bought me an umbrella i was going to run in the rain. thk left it town to place else but his heart never left here. he has done got good in community. all right. still ahead fall is here that means time for all things that go bump in night.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
tis the season for ghosts and goblins. and that means you start seeing more haunted that means you start seeing more haunted houses. more fall themed activities. even here in the bay area. and we know this is jen's favorite time of the year by far. is it? it is. viewer know i love a good scare. my coworkers not so much. i don't like haunted houses. >> but i went testament to how much i love her. she she went to scream geddon. she convince me to go to this place in dade city.
9:46 am
they are six houses we went bed lamb 3 d first really creepy clown house. >> yeah. oh put 3 d glasses on it's really cool idea. but it's so he especially how they creep up behind you you don't know you're thererunning into dead ends. and they pop up out of nowhere. that one tomb we were right around corner we were saul so scared no one would go. we're like somebody go. terrified. so, this was one of about like i said six attractions. my favorite one is infection. because that's has chainsaws i really just, that freak out that was bothered me sound chainsaw and woods they chase you in that one. jen are you you run into dead ends they had new haunted attraction this year. the prison.
9:47 am
christopher. we said heck no. no way. we sat town. cool thing about draw about scream geddon they have two interactive houses basically means if you're willing enough which you were not you get to wear glow necklace that means if you have that glow necklace on actors are able to touch you whether grab thing you taking you into another side room away from the people you're with. or just kind of scary they can actually touch you freaking in is tefl i never heard of that happening awh country. you have to sign up forpeople are like liability there. yeah. so you do sign up for it. you know kind of what you're getting into. >> so it was really fun. thee more weeks to go. yes. i tell you even if you're near open air area you haven't gone into any haunted houses. how many did we count? 4 haunted houses or five? well, so there's the haunted hay ride. haunted for is you get to walk. then there would be three more houses right infection.
9:48 am
which where people will be actors will follow you. and you don't know they are there. that's an in open area. they are sitting down having fried oreo talking to friend and all of sudden a creepy guy with butcher knife comes up to you. right. just standing there breathing on your neck. will you ever go again? i will >> i will always go when you challenge you i'll sorry to say that november 5th, weekends to go in dade city off st. joe ride. prices vary. you can look on their website tickets run about $30. do it she survived.
9:49 am
elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
9:50 am
9:51 am
halloween is just around corner he wanted to share sweet treat that i think would be perfect haunt for maybe a costume party or just a fun craft to make with the kids. they are cake pops and they can dressed up with whatever goulish colors that you like. i wanted to start with the cake. this is just a regular box cake mix. i made it according to the instruction on the back of the box.
9:52 am
cake pan. i will take knife and cut these into chungsz. put cake into a stand milker and they turn mixer on slowly start to break that cake into crumbs. next add your container of frosting. keep in mind if you're your cake haven't newist mo you might not need con inner if dryer side definitely add mix everything altogether. so i like to cover mixture and let it chill in fridge for at least efrl hours preferable overnight so it can firm up. so i'll go ahead and do that now. good news is, i do have some that i made yesterday. and this is already been chilling. first let's prepare the chocolate coating. the ratio here four table spoons of chocolate chips to one stable
9:53 am
microwave that for one minute then stir. keep microwaving in seven second increments until chocolate totally melted. second let's prepare sprinkle or whatever topping we will be using. then finally we want to roul out those balls. use tablespoon measure to do this. scoop, and then roll with your hands. i like to place these on a parchment paper cover sheet pan. next part can get a little bit messy. so you've been but we're going dunking cake pops into the chocolate coating. here's how i like to do it. put cake balls into melted chocolate use spoon to cover entire cake ball with chocolate then move ball over to the sprinkles coat thoroughly and place back on to the pardon mement once auf a batch done put them in fridge to harden now cake hops harden i will put them on to lollipop sticks i got
9:54 am
the bottom. bottom side where they were resting on the par which meant. this actually how i served them up. in little glass vase filled with clr stones that way that will hold them up. and here they are spooky and sweet. don't forget be you can always experiment with different colors of sprinkles or whatever you need if you have certain theme going for your costume party. and i think you like them. boy everybody's here. yeah. sweet. actually our executive producer had good question because i guess there's cake pop pan. i've never used you pour batter in bake in shape of ball my guess i don't know it would kwies as moist because this has the frosting mixed into it. and then rolled interest a ball. i'm not sure how moist it is. you will about to find out you
9:55 am
you've already been on television. could you pick me a nice one out. here, this is for you dave. >> thank you. cheers. all right. cheers. shall we? so what do you do take a bite i don't know. going in for the kill. mmm. here's the thing. it's like brownie. it's like a soft brownie fudge consistency. this is really good. yeah. it is. did you just call m puj. a moisture between brownie and fudge. cake pop thing would make it more cakey. this is more like a fudge pop. through go. i was going to say maybe you want something orange and black. we're on tv. you're on tv. oh my gosh. isn't she pretty. she works so hard. nina what's our time. i was going to say. are those chips? here? show other segment.
9:56 am
wanted orange colored filling you can always dye white cake. i will disclaim i tried to do white chocolate coating. you try to put gel coloring in. no. the water makes it seize up. don't do that. how long did it take you again? >> just to do the rolling? probably like 30 minutes. yeah. really. milk? it would be good with muck. we will finger this but i have to do weather first. i don't want to d in my mouth i thought that would be really, really rude. no it will gone if i give it to you 77 our 10 o'clock temperature by the way. we're going back to upper 80s for the next couple of days. but then fall centers in saturday. i think saturday morning you will wake up to whole different air mass. real nice stuff. highs this weekendl wilbe in the upper 70s. all right. laura cross says way better than machine. way better. thank you. that will do it for us today
9:57 am
wendy williams and fox 13 news at noon. i'm on vacation. thank you. congratulations. happy vacation. bye everybody.
9:58 am
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